About Us

 Suzanne ‘Zanni’ Lacey has been on a healing path most of her life. It started with a deep love of plants and gardening which naturally led her on the path to study herbal medicine and the interconnectedness of the natural world. The energetics she discovered in the plant world opened up a rich understanding of the healing path which she began to focus on. She studied Reiki energy healing and eventually became an accomplished massage therapist. Not content to stop there, she continued her studies to become a certified yoga teacher and Holistic Nutrition Counselor.

For over 30 years she has lived in gratitude for this life and the plants and teachers who have shared their passions with her.

Zanni is the owner of ZBotanicals and Hemp Company which provides a variety of holistic herbal remedies.


Aaron Hoopes is the founder of Zen Yoga and the author of seven books including Zen Yoga, Breathe Smart, Perfecting Ourselves, and the Zen Anti-Diet. He is the creator of the Zen Yoga Daily Warm-Up, a dvd program that has helped thousands of people regain a healthy lifestyle. He is also the creator of Inner Sunrise a guided meditation program.

He is a student of the martial arts and has studied and trained for 35 years. He is the chief instructor for Dragon Mountain Kung Fu for children.

Aaron also is a student of permaculture, woodcarving and creating sacred gardens.

Aaron offers Zen Shiatsu massage, private yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong sessions at the Vershire retreat center and conducts monthly workshops on a variety of subjects.

IMG_0857 Zen Master Katana has been studying the internal meditative arts for many lifetimes.



Together they provide healing for the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit in the mountains of Vermont.